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My goal is to produce music with beautiful melodies, sonorous harmonies and compelling emotions, that is fresh and new but still hearkens to the traditions of 700 years of great music. You may have found it difficult to find classical music written in the last 50 years that is beautiful and compelling, and doesn't require an advanced degree in musicology to listen to. I believe that a modern composer can write music that still has luscious melodies, rich harmonies and deep emotional experiences, like music written centuries ago.

I have written 22 works so far, from short pieces for a few instruments to full-scale orchestral symphonies. Please see the Compositions page for a list of all my compositions. My works have been performed by the Houston Civic Symphony, the Cypress Winds Clarinet Quartet and the Montclair Salon Orchestra, as well as by my friends and by yours truly, in venues ranging from intimate chamber concerts to orchestral halls, to appreciative audiences.

Whether you are a musician or a music lover (or both!), I hope you will find my music immediately appealing and satisfying on many levels. Please enjoy visiting my Web site and sampling my music.